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Tik Tik concerts for babies and preschoolers (0-5)

'Children understand music instinctively and enjoy it tremendously' - Pjesmicezadjecu.com, 2012

'At my TIK TIK kconcerts everyone may laugh, cry, talk, play, walk, even jump a bit! - oncertima svi se mogu smijati, plakati, razgovarati, igrati se, hodati, ustajati, pomalo i skakati!

-interview for Dvijemame.com, 2011

Concerts will travel around Croatia. - TV appearance national HTV, 2011.

Concert from a well-envisioned series. - Magazin Mama&beba, 2010.

Pleasant and informal setting. - Vjesnik daily newspaper, 2010.

Concerts for babies by Zanina Bilic have evoked a significant interest recently, therefore we too report on this great idea.  - website e-beba, 2010.


During the concert babies and parents or grandparents may move, play, laugh or talk quietly. They may do whatever their need is at the moment. We leave aside the strict formalities of a traditional concert and simply enjoy the benefits of beautiful, high quality, classical music which is superb for a child's development. The concerts feature music by Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, Chopin, Satie, Shostakovich, Bartok, Britten etc. Fifteen fragments of one simple story alongside 15 short piano pieces bring great joy to the very young audience.

The actress Petra Vukelić is a tremendous child communicator, who brings the experience to a new level.

Zanina Bilic has created this concept and is the author of each story (a new story each concert) as well as the selector of music. The first Tik tik concert took place in May 2010 in Zagreb.

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