Pianette (Klavirčica) piano music workshop for kids (2-6)

Learning music can be fun! Your preschool kids aged 2 to 6 years can discover the world of piano playing through games, playing the piano, riddles, fun games, singing and drawing at this piano workshop for kids. Parents or grandparents are welcome to join and support. Workshops for parents of preschool children are held upon request.

Suitable for ages 2-6. 

Small groups (up to 7 children). Duration 60 minutes. Once per week.


The games and activities have a didactic purpose to introduce the wolrd of piano playing and the features of piano, the richness of piano sounds, as well as melody, rhythm, music alphabet and other basics of music to children of this age. The program with lovely songs and fun activities have been created by the pianist and piano teacher Žanina Bilić,  who is at present also the main workshop leader.

The program has developed tremendously since its start in 2011. The Croatian Ministry of science has approved the program as appropriate for preschoolers.

Listening, hearing, perception, creativity, learning, speaking, singing, motorics, hand movement skills are cared for and developed in fun and supportive enviroment.

This workshop was created as an extension of Tik Tik concerts for babies and preschoolers by Zanina Bilic. 


Pianette is a unique hand-made doll, created and produced  for this series of workshops. The concept Zanina Bilic, design identity Izvorka Juric, creation and production of the doll Osh Brosh.

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