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Piano lessons from beginner's to advanced level in Croatian and English. Programs for amateur and future professional pianists adjustable to each pupil in accordance with mutually agreed music goals. A lesson normally consists of both music theory and music praxis, i.e. piano playing. Progress is closely monitored, however the learning process itself is being worked out in a relaxed working athmosphere. Step by step, gradual progress by individually tailored study.

Summer lessons available.


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Tik Tik concerts for babies and preschoolers

Tik Tik concerts for babies an preschoolers enable babies and parents to move during the concert, to speak quietly, to cry and to play. It created an enviroment tolerant to the very young audiences needs. Concerts are putting live piano music as a fun activity. Children interact with the actresss and move to the music being guided to understand the music' characteristics with simple, fun, short stories. The concerts provide the children with all the wonderful benefits of classical music.

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Pianette piano workshop for kids (2-6 ys)

PIANETTE is a program for preschool piano workshops for very young children. Author of the program is piano pedagogue Zanina Bilic. Pianette is a doll presenting various features of piano playing and piano music to preschool kids (2-6 ys). It is held once per week 60 minutes.The workshop is planned for small groups of children, who can play the piano, sing, draw, have fun and almost unnoticeably - learn. Parents are welcome to be present. The workshop is presented in Croatian. Workshop for parents of preschool children are held upon request. Info: zanina@zaninabilic.com.

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Celebrating roses / Music and poetry

Celebrating roses is the title of a series of music and poetry afternoons in an intimate 'salon' ambiance in Zagreb, the title being of a poem by a Croatian poet Tin Ujević. First such concert was held in 2009 at the Croatian Cultural Club in Zagreb.

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Concert + exhibition + poetry = KIP, a new after-work event in Zagreb that melts visual works of art in Makek Art Gallery with refined live music, poetry and a glass of Mediterranean wine. 

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Consulting in the field of piano pedagogy may be provided. Details upon request. zanina@zaninabilic.com.

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